No. 810, Anna Salai, (Next to G.R.Complex)
Nandanam, Chennai – 600 035
Ph: 044-24329358 / 59.
Mobile: 9551 9999 65 / 9551 1999 65
Fax No:42131321
3T MRI Helpline: 044-4507 2221 / 4307 2221


SIEMENS SPECTRA 4G TIM +DOT MRI ---First in Asia with individual coil for head, spine, joints, breast and prostate [Endo rectal].


  • MR SUSCEPTIBILITY WEIGHTED IMAGING- to asses micro bleeds and traumatic diffuse axonal injury
  • MRI Brain perfusion without contrast [ 3D  ASL For early stroke detection] 
  • MRI  Dynamic  contrast perfusion   for  tumor  diagnosis and  to tumor detection recurrence 
  • MR  Tractography / Diffusion tensor imaging ( DTI)  [For  evaluation of motor neuron disease, periventricular leucomalacia, head and spine  injuries and SOL]
  • MRI CSF flow study—for normal pressure hydrocephalus 
  • MR  Cisternogram (For CSF rhinorrhoea)
  • Functional MRI Brain ---To asses brain function  areas for tumor  surgery 
  • MRI neurogram – for   cranial nerves, brachial  plexopathy , lumbar  plexopathy, peripheral neuropathy )
  • MR Myelogram [without contrast]
  • MRI Renal angio and peripheral angio without IV contrast (NATIVE).
  • MRI Whole body scan including whole body diffusion [for cancer screening].
  • MRI Carotid angio
  • MR Aortic angio
  • MRI Brain angio
  • MRI Urogram [without contrast]
  • MRI Sialogram [without contrast]
  • Magnetic resonance cholangio pancreatography [MRCP]
  • MR Colonography – Enterography  for small bowel pathology.
  • Fetal MRI
  • MR Cardiac viability study
  • MR mammogram with dedicated 16 channel breast coil with breast spectroscopy
  • Endorectal coil MRI for prostate cancer  
  • MR Spectroscopy [2D, 3D] [Brain, breast  and prostate]
  • MR Arthrogram ---  for shoulder, Hip
  • MR  Cartilage impaling [MAPLT] --  for  knee  joint osteoarthritis changes